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Are you an Evernote® user and think you can make that experience even better?

Then you landed to the right place.

We offer you the ability to add new features to your Evernote® experience by adding specific tags to your notes.

First, you sign up on our site. We will only ask you for a username, email and password.

Second step is to give us access to your Evernote® account, so that we can:

  1. add our tags to your Evernote®.
  2. ask Evernote®’s elephant to notify us whenever he gets one of your notes with one of our tags.
  3. process the feature associated to the tag in your note.

Some of our tags will publish your note on 3rd party applications, such as Twitter and Wordpress. Others will only process information on your note.
We’ll also add a tag to your processed note to notify you the status of your request (succeeded or failed).
In order to be able to process some of the tags, you’ll need to configure some extra details, like your Twitter account.

Head into the Features section to know more about our available action tags. We will be growing our catalog as you start asking for new features.
Maybe one day we’ll add a note to your Evernote® explaining all the action tags available, so that you can check them easily.

Have this in mind: we process your note once Evernote® notifies us you’ve created it. That only happens whenever your Evernote® account gets synced.
Once you save your note, consider your job done and take a nap. We’ll do the job asynchronously. This way you don’t need to install anything else on your device, and you can save your notes without the need of an internet connection. Whenever the device gets online and Evernote® gets synced, your action tag will be processed and everybody will be happy. Hooray!

So try our tags for a while, you’ll notice life without us is unbearable!