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Evernote® makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.
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EATags stands for Evernote® Action Tags. It’s a service that provides extra features for Evernote® users.
It’s simple: once you link your Evernote® and EATags accounts, you will be able to use specific tags on your notes that will execute their associated functionality.
We recommend you to visit our Features page to see the list of our available tags with a description of their functionalities.
EATags magic will only occur when you add one of our tags on your note and your Evernote® gets synced. We recommend you to sync your device manually if you need the action tag to be processed quickly.
If you don’t have internet connection, Evernote® won’t be able to sync your notes, so they won’t be able to notify us with your requests. The good thing is that Evernote® will automatically sync your notes whenever an internet connection is available. At that moment, we will be able to process your requests.
Look it this way, we offer you the possibility to get work done in advance, forgetting about internet connection and knowing that your requests will be processed whenever you go back online!
Yes! Evernote® will send us your action tag request whenever your device gets synced. It doesn’t matter which Evernote® client you are using.
EATags is a free service. It’s possible that in a future we include premium features, but today’s free functionalities will always be free.
Just go to our contact page and you’ll find the answer:
You can also make public suggestions using our UserVoice forum:
No, we are not attached with Evernote® in any way. Our service works using Evernote®’s public API.
No, we don’t store your notes data.
Once we receive your requests, we access your Evernote® account and process the action requested, without storing any information.
If in the future we need to store some of your data to process any of our upcoming tags, we will inform you in the tag’s documentation.
We don’t store the content of your notes but we store a memory of the notifications we receive, just to get some stats.
This way we can study the use of our service so we can improve it. We only store your Evernote® user id’s, your notes id’s, the date when we receive the request and if there were changes on your note.
For now, all tags are always enabled.
There are some additional configurations to make in some of the tags. If you use one of these tags and you haven’t configured it, we won’t be able to process it. For example, if you want to tweet a note, we need you to give us permission to publish on your Timeline.
Once you link your EATags account with your Evernote® account, we will add our tags to your tag list so you can easily remember and use them.
You can delete your EATags account heading into your profile page on our site. There is no problem. From that moment on, we won’t respond to your action tag requests.
To completely unlink your Evernote® account with our service, you will have to access to your Evernote® account and revoke the access to our application.
You can also revoke the access to our application without having to delete your account on EATtags. This way we won’t receive any request notifications, and we won’t be able to access your Evernote® account.